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ENDODONTICS IN Stricklandgate

Root canal treatment in Stricklandgate or endodontics in Stricklandgate involves work inside the root of the tooth. It becomes necessary when the nerve of the tooth has died and become infected, or because it has become inflamed and painful.

The aim of the Root canal treatment in Stricklandgate is to clean out the nerve canals, removing any dead tissue in order to fill these canals, preventing bacteria from causing an ongoing infection.

Endodontics Treatment in Stricklandgate usually takes one or two appointments carried out under local anaesthetic and should not be uncomfortable. In some cases more appointments may be required, depending on many factors such as the length and shape of the canals.

Once completed, root filled teeth are more prone to cracking, which is why your dentist in Stricklandgate will usually recommend that a crown is placed on the tooth to protect it in the future.



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