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Fee Guide

Transparent Pricing for Your Dental Care



* These items are included in the monthly payment of patients registered with Denplan care and Denplan Essentials.

** Denplan does not cover laboratory charges. An approximate fee will be given at your appointment.

DIAGNOSISPrivateDenplanDenplan Essentials
Extensive Examination for New Patients£75.00N/AN/A
Regular Check-up or consultation within two years£50.00**
Children’s examination (up to age 16)£40.00**
1 Intra oral Radiograph£15.00**
Intra oral Radiograph – 4 or more£55.00**
Study Models£75.00£60.00£67.50
Routine Hygienist Visit: Diet analysis, oral hygiene instructions, Scale and polish (30min)£65.00**
Diamond clean + Hygienist visit which includes Routine Clean + Prophy jet (air Polisher) mostly for new patients (45min)£95.00N/AN/A
Extended 60min hygienist visit (deep clean)£130.00N/AN/A
Diamond clean (Prophy jet – air polisher) Only£30.00£30.00£30.00
Fissure Sealants (per tooth)£50.0040£45.00
Perio Treatment (one arch)£90.00*£81.00


WHITENINGPrivateDenplanDenplan Essentials
Chair whitening + Home Whitening Kit£600.00£600.00£600.00
Home Whitening£350.00£350.00£350.00


FILLINGSPrivateDenplanDenplan Essentials
White filling, per tooth restored, including any local anaesthetic, from£125.00*£112.50
Glass Ionomer Filling£75.00*£67.50
Temporary Filling£50.00*£45.00


CROWN AND BRIDGE WORKPrivateDenplanDenplan Essentials
Gold Crown or Inlay/Onlay from£750.00Lab Fee**£675.00
Bonded Crown from£630.00Lab Fee**£567.00
Composite Veneer from£300.00Lab Fee**£270.00
Porcelain/Ceramic Veneer, from£600.00Lab Fee**£540.00
Cast post and Core from£250.00Lab Fee**£225.00
Fiber post and Composite core from£250.00Lab Fee**£225.00
Bridge, per unit, from£630.00Lab Fee**£567.00
Maryland Bridge, per unit from£650.00Lab Fee**£585.00
Ceramic Inlay/Onlay from£630.00Lab fee**£567.00


ROOT CANAL TREATMENTPrivateDenplanDenplan Essentials
Incisor or Canine (add filling fee) from£400.00*£360.00
Premolar (add filling fee) from£450.00*£435.00
Molars (add filling fee) from£600.00*£540.00


SURGICAL WORKPrivateDenplanDenplan Essentials
Surgical Extraction£200.00200£200.00
Planned Extraction£120.00*£108.00
Wisdom Tooth Extraction, from£240.00£240.00£240.00


IMPLANTSPrivateDenplanDenplan Essentials
Implant consultation£90.00£90.00£90.00
Implant Placement, from£1500.00£1500.00£1500.00
Implant crown, from£1500.00£1500.00£1500.00
Bone Graft, from£540.00£540.00£540.00
Sinus Lift, from£1500.00£1500.00£1500.00
DENTURESPrivateDenplanDenplan Essentials
Full Upper or Lower Acrylic Denture from£1280.00Lab fee**£1151.00
Single Full or Partial Denture, from£750.00Lab fee**£675.00
Single Chrome/Cobalt Partial Denture, from£950.00Lab fee**£855.00
Simple repairs£120.00Lab fee**£108.00
Reline (hard)£180.00Lab fee**£162.00
Reline (soft)£220.00Lab fee**£198.00
Addition of the Tooth or Clasp£120.00Lab fee**£108.00


EMERGENCY CAREPrivateDenplanDenplan Essentials
Call-Out to Surgery£120.00**
Telephone Consultation/Prescription£30.00**
UK and Worldwide Accident and Emergency CoverN/A**
Emergency Appointment for Non- Registered patient£120.00N/AN/A
ORTHODONTICS (INVISALIGN)PrivateDenplanDenplan Essentials
Invisalign Assessment£75.00£75.00£75.00
Single Arch£2000.00£2000.00£2000.00
Dual Arch£4000.00£4000.00£4000.00
Retainers Single Arch£200.00£200.00£200.00
Retainers Dual Arch£390.00£390.00£390.00
Vivera Retainers£600.00£600.00£600.00


GENERALPrivateDenplanDenplan Essentials
Consultation (smooth, adjust, recement, reassurance)£75.00*£67.50
Mouthguard, from£180.00£180.00£180.00
Prescription only£20.00*£18.00
Missed Appointment£30.00£30.00£30.00